Winter Moon

March 3, 2018 (night game)


Players Pack


Sorry guys! Going to pull the plug on Winter Moon. Sign-ups just too low for this one! Hope to see everyone at Wasteland 9.5!


Special note: No SAWs, sniper weapons, or DMRs at event due to night conditions and likelihood of close range engagements. Sorry! Need to leave those at home for this event!

If you are interested in volunteering for one of the *special roles* at this event… contact directly for more information!

In mid-February, 2018, a story appeared on news of a chemical spill at the Raythorn Corporation facility in Sunny Springs. The next day, it was national news that a toxic leak from this research site had triggered a massive evacuation of residents from Lawrence County.

The Raythorn Corporation, a large conglomerate spanning numerous divisions in defense technology, was sending corporate emergency response teams (CERT) to aid local, state, and federal authorities in the clean-up effort. It was never really clear what happened or what chemicals were involved, but there was a satisfying flurry of trucks speeding in and out of the quarantined area that it was clear that decisive action was being taken.

Within days, the latest international crisis hit the headlines and the media spotlight moved on. Considering the number of residents moved out of Sunny Springs and the surrounding towns of central Lawrence County, it was surprising just how much the incident faded from the news.

But you haven’t forgotten about it. In fact, it’s been pretty much a monu-fucking-mental pain the ass. Your National Guard unit was activated to establish a safety cordon around the restricted. For over two-weeks, you’ve been manning check-points and patrolling the perimeter. Keeping out looters and evacuated yokels trying to get back in and check on their double-wides. Your boss has been blowing up your phone, demanding to know when you’re coming back to work. You can’t go home. You’re not happy that your gal hasn’t been answering her phone at night. You’ve been given strict orders to stay out of the quarantined area, which should only be accessible by Raythorn CERT personnel and specially cleared emergency management types.

But earlier this evening, an emergency call came over the CB radio that Specialist Blake has in his stupid monster-truck. Someone calling for help… from inside Sunny Springs. It’s Saturday night. You can’t raise anyone at the Armory. You tried calling your pretty-much-useless LT, but no answer there. You got hold of Top… and he told you to take care of things and leave him alone. Someone’s calling for help. You’re supposed to be helping people, right?

The signal dropped of the radio, but all you got was that they were in Sunny Springs, badly injured and losing blood. You pulled together the members of your platoon at the checkpoint, grabbed your gear, and started marching toward Sunny Springs.

9:09 - 9:09
Online pre-registration$20.00
Location Wayne's World of Paintball
4841 S. Pine Avenue
Ocala Florida 34480