Amerika – Civilian Population
$TBD – Pre-Registration
$TBD – Onsite

This is pre-registration for the civilian population role-players. Civilians wear NO camouflage or solid uniform items, NO plaid shirts, and NO military-type equipment. Civilian clothes only… no plaid.

You will be portraying members of the civilian population, possibly playing more than one role through the day. Not all civilians are supportive of the Resistance. Many are loyal citizens of the Reich, who may have personally served in the military or police, or have relatives who serve. Some may not really like the Reich, but are not willing to become involved in the insurrection. Others don’t care about politics at all and may be engaged in criminal or black market enterprises.

We encourage you to develop at least one defined character to role-play, preferably more than one. Consider at least a change of shirts and some personal props if you are changing characters. We will ask civilians to complete Reich identity papers for each individual character you plan to portray and bring them to the game.

Most civilians will be unarmed. A few civilians will have legally licensed hunting weapons (shot-guns or bolt-action rifles), or legally licensed hand-guns for a few retired military or police. A few civilians MAY have illegal firearms, if they are in a criminal or black marketer role. We will provide blank “licenses” that actors may complete for any of their portrayed characters with licensed weapons. We do ask that you speak with us about “armed civilian” roles prior to the event as we want to keep these the exception, rather than the rule.

We also encourage you to consider occupations as part of your character roles. We plan to have a discussion group to work with the civilian actor population for Amerika. We do not plan for any sort of massive shift in population allegiance, but successful or unsuccessful civil affairs interactions with combatant forces will generate limited, localized positive and negative results. And we want to portray the fact that there have been 70 years, multiple generations, of Amerika being part of the Greater Reich. MANY civilians are loyal to the Reich and very few want to become entangled directly in the insurgency.


January 26, 2019
Civilian Registration $10.00