Amerika – Resistance Waitlist Registration
$35.00 Pre-Registration


This is a waitlist for any Resistance spots which may open. You are selecting and committing to play on a German unit, BUT you will be in the queue to move into a Resistance spot if additional ones are opened.

We will open additional spots based on German Force size. If no additional Resistance spots have opened by the game date, you may bring a plaid flannel shirt to leave in your vehicle in addition to the German uniform you will be wearing. If additional German player walk-ons permit opening more Resistance spots, you will be first in line prior to any walk-on player.

It is very unlikely that walk-on players will be able to play on the Resistance teams.

Your German unit options will be…

Tan-Based Camouflage – 7th Fallshirmjäger Division
Tan-based camouflage uniforms such as Multicam or ATACS. MilSim gear. Squad-based organization within division.

Green-Based Camouflage – 9th PanzerGrenadier Division
Green-based camouflage uniforms such as Woodland patterns or Flecktarn. MilSim gear. Squad-based organization within division.

Urban / Black – Amerikan SS Division – (Charles Lindbergh)
Urban camouflage or black uniforms. MilSim gear. Squad-based organization within division.


Life in the Amerikan Reich

When the D-Day landing fell apart on the beaches of Normandy, the hope of Democracy died alongside tens of thousands of Allied troops. The success of the Third Reich’s atomic weapons project halted the Red Army in the radioactive ruins of Poland. Operation Sea Lion ground the British Empire beneath the heel of the Reich. Werner Heisenberg and the members of the Uranverein perfected the atomic bomb in the winter of 1944. The world saw the horror of atomic devastation as the Red Army vanguard was destroyed in Poland in 1945. The threat of German atomic bombers over Moscow brought Stalin to sign a ceasefire in 1945.

German and Japanese troops landed on the east and west coasts of the United States in 1946. Japanese forces advanced across the west coast and south-western states. The Germans raged from the east coast deep into the American heartland. Atomic strikes destroyed massed US forces, leaving the radioactive wastelands bypassed by the Blitzkreig. Working feverishly, the Manhattan project was able to complete its work from new facilities in Calgary and the remnants of the United States and Canada detonated atomic weapons against German forces near Colorado Springs and Rapid City. By the time the cease-fire was signed in 1949, all that remained of the United States was a crippled handful of states in the Pacific North-West and along the Canadian border.

After seven decades of occupation, some Americans still dream of freedom and liberty from their masters. After several generations, many consider the Greater Reich their home and are loyalists opposed to the “terrorist insurgents”. Three “regional” SS-Divisions have been added to Reich’s military, Amerika, Charles Lindbergh, and Von Steuben Divisions, while other Amerikan citizens serve in the Wehrmacht. The truly ruthless work actively within the Gestapo, rooting out political criminals and enemies of the Reich.

The Resistance movement has always been there. Free America and Canada smuggle weapons and ammunition across the borders to aid the Resistance. As the “Cold War” between the Reich and the Soviet Union grew in the 1950s and ‘60s, the Soviets provided considerable funding and arms to aid the Resistance. Brush wars flared in Central and South America, Africa and South-East Asia during the 60s and 70s as the superpowers fought “proxy wars” across the Third World.

The world came within inches of a nuclear exchange when the Soviets mounted short and intermediate range missiles in Cuba, easily within striking range of the Amerikan Reich. The Soviets backed down from Amerikan Reich President Joseph Kennedy, Sr. in October of 1962 and withdrew their missiles. Formal reports maintain that Lee Harvey Oswald acted as a lone gunman in Joseph Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas in 1963. Oswald’s three years in the Soviet Union and visits to the Cuban embassy in Mexico in the early autumn of ’63 have caused many theories of Soviet complicity and many believe a Resistance sniper supported Oswald from the Grassy Knoll.

As close as the superpowers came to launching a Third World War, always they have stepped back from the brink. The atomic nightmare of Poland and the devastation wrought during the American invasion were too poignant. Conflicts were limited to saber rattling, embargos and brush wars engineered by the KGB and Sicherheitsdienst.

Increased domestic rationing and wide-spread hunger following years of low grain production brought new support to the resistance movement. The Reich is embroiled in a drawn out struggle in the Middle-East, leaving limited forces within Amerika and reducing the Reich’s ability to fight a new war. The leaders of the Resistance felt that now was the time to strike. Securing the commitment of Free America, Canada, Cuba and the Soviet Union to support this new Amerikan revolution, strikes were launched at key locations throughout the country. The revolution made significant gains, establishing free zones of Allied control throughout the country, but the momentum has stalled and the Reich gathers forces for a counter-attack.

Resistance Waitlist Pre-registration$35.00