March 16, 2019

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It all started as an outbreak of a deadly pathogen in West Africa. The latest hemorrhagic fever in a long line of outbreaks. Normal response actions were employed by the CDC and WHO, but it soon grew out of control. With a long period of incubation, the virus was difficult to detect with pre-existing methods. It couldn’t live long outside a host, but quickly passed through fluids, sweat, even a careless cough or sneeze could pass the virus in close quarters. It lay hidden within a host for weeks, slowly multiplying until an unknown biological switch turned it lethal. The host would collapse in days from the time the first outward signs were displayed. It was not contained… it had already spread far further than any realized at the time.

The Omega Strain flared into a global pandemic that ripped across the globe, devastating mankind and bringing about a collapse of governments and social order. Bands of survivors drew together, searching for dwindling food and medical resources and and fighting gangs of killers who reveled in the chaos. Others hid alone in the wilderness, fleeing the violence of their fellow man and from potential carriers of the virus.

It is over 9 months since the last emergency broadcasts died, over eighteen months since the world we knew began coming apart. The government, or what is passing as one, has emerged from their bunkers and has begun to re-establishing order. For many, the assistance, support, and security is a desperately needed relief. Others are highly skeptical of the government and its intentions. Some blame the government itself as the creator of the Omega Strain in an experiment that went out of control. And a few have come to love the new dark ages and the power they have seized amid the chaos.

It’s also time to fill out new waivers! Help us with our effort to establish an online waiver library and complete all three today if you have not already! These will be valid for MGP events at Waynes World of Paintball through March 1, 2020! All three must be completed and confirmed via email. It’ll just take a few minutes and you’ll be good for the year!

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