Wasteland 9 continues MGP’s Wasteland event series in this alternate reality event inspired by the FallOut computer games. We continue to explore the Florida Wasteland, two centuries after a devastating nuclear war.

A new force has appeared in the central Florida Wasteland. Many believe this marks a new period of peace and stability in the region, while others see grave conflict brewing. Several months, a flight of military vertibirds from the north crash-landed during one of the severe summer storms. A skirmish erupted between the armored troops which survived the crash-landings, and a unit knights from the Brotherhood of Steel… which appeared to have been tracking the vertibirds and waiting for the newcomers’ arrival. Defeat seemed imminent for the newcomers, who were already scattered and suffering casualties from the crash, when the tide of battle turned from the unexpected arrival of a large group of raiders who surprised the Brotherhood and forced them from the field.

The newcomers were The Enclave, and claimed they represented the rightful government of the United States. They were coming in peace, to help restore order and stability to the Florida Wasteland. Old rivalries with the Brotherhood, established by military troops separated from the US government after the war, continued to this day. But rather than hoard the benefits of pre-war technology for their own members and self-serving interests, the Enclave sought to bring civilization, the rule of law, and to restore the glory that was America. Actions speak louder than words, and the efforts of the Enclave soon appeared that they might be telling the truth.

With the aid the Shadow Company Remnants, the raiders who came to their aid that first night, the Enclave succeeded in driving out the super mutants, cannibals and feral ghouls that roamed the ruins of Crystal Springs and began to rebuild the town as a new center of civilization in the central Florida Wastes. Merchants began setting up shop in Crystal Springs, wastelanders have emerged to begin settling the town. A casino operation from out west saw new opportunities in Crystal Springs and established itself. Other groups have begun to flock to what appears to be the relative safety and security of Crystal Springs, under the watchful eye of the Enclave.

Not all are happy to see the new arrivals. The Enclave and the Shadow Company Remnants oversee security and law within Crystal Springs and have negotiated mutual defense agreements with other settlers in the town. But there have been dark speculations about the true intent of the Enclave and the secretive work of their scientists. Enclave troops have been systematically searching Crystal Springs and the surrounding territory, in ever-expanding circles, clearly seeking for something. Those who have asked too many questions or openly challenged their claims of authority have disappeared. While Crystal Springs looks to be a shining new hope for central Florida, there is definitely something dark and rotten at its core.

Advance Online Registration$40.00
Location Wayne's World of Paintball
4841 S. Pine Avenue
Ocala Florida 34480