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 Amerika VII
 February 11, 2017

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When the D-Day landing fell apart on the beaches of Normandy, the hope of Democracy died alongside tens of thousands of Allied troops. The success of the Third Reich’s atomic weapons project halted the Red Army in the radioactive ruins of Poland. Operation SeaLion ground the British Empire beneath the heel of the Reich. The threat of German atomic bombers over Moscow brought Stalin to sign a ceasefire in 1945. German and Japanese troops landed on the east and west coasts of the United States in 1946, ripping through the broad heartlands with strategic atomic strikes that neutralized massed US resistance. Working feverishly, the Manhattan project was able to complete its work from new facilities in Calgary and the remnants of the United States and Canada detonated atomic weapons against German forces near Colorado Springs and Rapid City. By the time the cease-fire was signed in 1949, all that remained of the United States was a crippled handful of states in the Pacific North-West and along the Canadian border.

 Over 60 years later, the citizens of chafe under the control of Berlin and the Amerikanisches Reichsgovernor. Crop failures and inability to meet industrial production quotas have increased the pressure from Berlin. Deadly force quelled protests against the Reichsgovernor, until the embers of resistance flashed to open flame in Florida, rapidly spreading through other regions of the Amerikan Reich. Additional German units have been brought in to reinforce east coast garrisons and the resistance is engaged in a fierce struggle against the occupation forces!


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