About Us

MindGame Productions is the longest running airsoft-events company on the east coast, incorporated in early 2005. Company events have been focused in Florida, but MGP has also run events in Georgia, Ohio and Indiana and is always looking for opportunities to develop new events both inside and outside of Florida.

Events run the gamut from intense, military simulation events to immersive and stimulating games drawing from science fiction and alternate history themes. MGP hosts events at military and law-enforcement training facilities, scenario paintball fields, empty warehouse and office buildings and other locations that present themselves to us and offer an exciting location for players. We have also provided consultation and actors for several independent film projects, models and demonstrators for defense industry promotional films, photo-shoots and trade-shows.

The staff brings a range of experience and skills to help develop the player experience and keep our events enjoyable. We encourage player feedback and suggestions and many successful event concepts have been developed as a result of direct player input to the staff. Regretfully for our younger players, MGP events are limited to participants 16 years of age and above.

We hope you’ll take the time to sign up in our Facebook page, get to meet members of our airsoft community and join us at one of our upcoming events. Many questions you may have could be answered in the website FAQ or MGP event rules. Be sure to download and review the PDF player packs designed for each major event as these contain a wealth of information for participants.