Event Categories


Military Simulation (MilSim) – These events offer more realistic scenarios and tactical missions. Players are organized into more structured teams and squads and there is a greater focus on military tactics, equipment and uniforms. The missions are heavily action-based, challenging players to shoot, move and communicate as they work together to overcome enemy forces and achieve ¬†objectives. Some events may include role-players portraying civilian personnel, dignitaries and high-value targets. Note that the definition of “MilSim” is widely interpreted by different players and event organizers. We never want to lose sight of the fact that we’re out to have fun, so our MilSim events may be a little more serious that some organizers… but certainly not as extreme as others.


Alternative Simulation (AltSim) – These events often involve science-fiction and horror theme elements, with a greater focus on role-play. There is ample opportunity for action, but the story-lines are more heavily influenced by the interactions of players. It is common that the AltSim scenarios feature a number of player factions, each with different motivations and goals. Sometimes there may be special rules or game dynamics in play to better support the game scenario, but these will all be detailed in the event players pack and in onsite briefings. AltSim games have a greater emphasis on “non-military” clothing, costumes and gear and are known for faction politics, negotiations, deals and double-crosses as teams pursue their own agendas.

ConventionsConvention Events – These are held at large science-fiction and gaming conventions and are designed to run small teams through a 30-45 minute simulation repeatedly through the weekends. Best described as a “live-action first person shooter”, players are equipped with low-power electric guns and led by staff “NCOs” through a very high-paced, constant action experience with strong science-fiction and/or horror elements. While very non-traditional, many airsoft/MilSim players love being part of the staff for these fun and unusual events. Visit www.usmarinespacecorps.com for an example of one of our convention series IPs.

Special Notes


Heavy Action – The scenario and missions for this event are intended for a high volume of action. Plan gear and load-outs appropriately as the physical demands on players may be higher.




Training – A significant portion of the event is dedicated to training tactics, techniques and procedures. While practical exercises are part of any event, participants need to expect a significant portion of time allocated to “cold range” individual and team training and combat drills.




Heavy Role-Play – The scenario is designed for a higher than usual level of role-play between players and non-player character actors. Expect special rules and a greater focus on costume elements and props in support of the scenario.




National Event – The event is anticipated to have a higher draw for out-of-state players, is located at a special site and typically will be more expensive to cover additional event costs and overhead. Expect tighter rules related to uniforms, equipment, registration and cancellation policies.