What is MindGame Productions and what does it do?

MindGame Productions, or MGP, is a small, Florida-based company that organizes military simulation, training and specialty themed events for airsoft and MilSim enthusiasts. We also provide consultation and realistically equipped, knowledgeable and tactically competent actors and models in support of independent films and defense industry product films, photo-shoots, trade-shows, equipment testing and validation.

What sort of events does MGP run?SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

We offer a diverse range of event types that appeal to a broad audience. MGP offers scenario-based, Military Simulation (MilSim) events that cater to tactical and military enthusiasts.  Our MilSim events offer more “realistic” missions and objectives, challenging participants to shoot, move and communicate in designated team elements. We also offer Alternative Simulations, or AltSims, with a science-fiction or horror influence with greater role-play elements. There still can be plenty of action, but AltSim story-lines are heavily player driven with factional politics, negotiations and double-crosses. There may also be special rules and game dynamics in play to better support the scenario and a push for “non-military” clothing, costumes and equipment. Check out the link to our Events page for a more detailed description of all out event types and list of upcoming events!

Would you guys ever put on an event in Timbuktu?

We’re always interested in finding new locations in which we can host events. Players with solid leads on new locations are encouraged to contact us so we can investigate the site further. Considerations are being able to negotiate with the legal owner or custodian of the site, size and layout as related to mid-sized and large events and distance involved. As our core team is based primarily within a two-hour radius of central Florida, we need to take logistics of moving staff, props and equipment to new and distant locations. But we’re always eager to explore new locations and would love to hear about your ideas and leads!

Do you have equipment and uniform requirements?

Certain equipment and uniform requirements are in place for the safety of players and staff, while others contribute to the game experience. On the side of safety; we have specific requirements on BB velocity (Feet per Second or FPS) and eye-protection. Other items of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as boots, gloves, pads, helmets, face protection and other items are recommended for most games but may be specifically required in some game environments. We also limit weapon magazines to low/mid-capacity magazines with the exception of light machine-guns/SAWs. In other words, no high-capacity or box magazines on assault rifles and submachine-guns.

Uniforms help camouflage players in the field but serve a very practical purpose in identifying friendly or enemy players. This is especially important in large games in which you may be teamed alongside new and unfamiliar players fighting on the same side. While we have uniform requirements at our events, we always try to offer a fairly broad range of some of the most common patterns and colors to chose from. Many players have more than one uniform, and unless you’re dedicated to wearing some obscure and uncommon pattern, odds are there will always be one or more that fit your wardrobe.

Note that we based team uniforms on the **uniform** shirt and trousers, not the load-bearing gear or plate carriers. Thus you can wear black gear with a woodland uniform or a green plate carrier with an urban pattern, for example. Be mindful, however, of mixing shirt and trouser colors. Some games may specifically require a mixed uniform pattern, such as a team representing guerrilla fighters, but otherwise you should not mix shirt and trouser patterns.

Do you have an age limit?

At this time our events are for players 16 years of age and up. Note that some event locations may stipulate that attendees be 18 years and up.

How can I get involved with one of the next movie projects or defense industry photo-shoots/trade-shows?Molon Labe Small

We currently have a small pool of individuals we regularly draw from on these projects, but would like to slowly grow the size and diversity of the pool as more develop. Interested individuals should contact MGP and forward a set of full-body and head/torso photos in one or more uniform and gear combinations. Please remember that for these projects we want the highest quality candidates with the right “look”. Uniforms and gear should be as authentic and professional as possible. While longer hair and beards may be acceptable for some applications, other projects may require participants to get military-style haircuts and shave any facial hair depending on the personnel replicated. Of course in some cases, “combat beards” or an insurgent look may be exactly what we’re looking for! Be sure to let us know willingness to meet military grooming standards, lead-time you require to secure days off and what complete and authentic looks you are able to replicate.