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Flames of the Rebellion
May 13, 2023
Wayne’s World of Paintball, Ocala, FL
$35 Advance Registration / $40 onsite

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It is a time of great unrest in the galaxy. Ten years have passed after the rise of Emperor Palpatine and the fall of the Old Republic. The Galactic Senate continues to meet, but they have little real power. A handful of senators speak out against the growing abuses of the Empire, but most bend the knee and cast their votes to whatever pleases the Emperor. The fate of those who oppose Palpatine has been clearly demonstrated, from the massacre of the Jedi Order, to the utter destruction of Mandalore.

Drakys Prime is a sparsely populated world on the Outer Rim. The planet was largely agrarian with some off-world exports of foodstuffs, exotic lumber, and common metals and minerals. Being just off major shipping lanes also made Drakys Prime a popular haven for smugglers or the occasional pirate crew. It has been largely ignored by the Galactic Empire… until a year ago.

Prospectors north of Bantin Star-Port were drilling for locations to sink a new Chromium mine, when they tapped into a major vein of a strange, striated metal that was lightweight and incredibly durable. Upon testing, it was determined the prospectors had stumbled across a major deposit of Beskar, perhaps one of the largest ever found outside the Mandalore system.

Word of the discovery spread quickly. The dream of newfound prosperity turned into a nightmare as Imperial security forces descended onto Drakys Prime, seizing control of the site and establishing Imperial oversight of the dig. Within months, massive strip mines scarred the green forests and pastures of Drakys Prime. Refineries and forges sprang up, belching smoke and soot into the sky. Thousands of citizens were forced from their lands to make room for the mines and industrial operations. Many were forced to work in near-slavery to the Empire in the mines and factories.

The long-standing distrust of the Empire has grown to hatred. The seeds of rebellion grow among the population, while some others collaborate with the occupiers and grow rich from the suffering and labor of their fellows. Imperial troops man the local garrison, although many law-enforcement and community control tasks are conducted by security contractors working for the Empire.

Unknown to the general population, a small group of Jedi, refugees from the purge of their Order, fled to Drakys Prime years ago and have lived quietly in hiding. Now they are face to face with the cruelty and oppression of the Empire. Within their ranks, the Jedi have been struggling between aiding the oppressed citizens of Drakys Prime according to their ancient vows or remaining in hiding. The decision may soon be out of their control, as their presence on Drakys has been sensed by Inquisitors. Additional security forces and a detachment of ISB have recently arrived in response to the growing insurrection.

Bantin Starport is no stranger to the scum and villainy found around major ports. These smugglers, pirates, and criminals have long avoided the attention of the Empire. The increased troop and security presence, while offering increased revenue in drugs, whores, and the black market, are proving a net drain on long-term business opportunities. At no small cost to the rebellion, smugglers have slipped shipments of weapons past the Imperial blockade. Old habits die hard, however, and the scum and villainy have avoided throwing their full weight behind the rebellion. They are waiting until the odds tip to favor one side or the other.

If the situation on Drakys Prime was not already perilous enough, a small squadron of ships blasted through the blockade two nights ago, evaded pursuit craft and made planetfall. TIE patrols have conducted regularly overflights but the ships remain hidden in the forest depths. The rich Beskar deposit has caught the attention of more than the Imperial War Machine. A clan of Mandolorians have flown to Drakys Prime and are preparing to seize as much of the precious metal as possible. While they burn with a hatred for the Empire, the Mandolorians care little for the Rebellion and certainly have no love for the Jedi. They are here to seize as much Beskar as possible, and escape with it off world to bring back to their brothers and sisters at their hidden covert.

Join us on May the 13th for our first airsoft experience set in the Star Wars Universe. Choose your identity and take a side in the battle for Drakys Prime!

Key event details

  • Science Fiction Airsoft Theme
    • PLEASE read player’s pack before you arrive!
    • Specific uniform requirements for the different factions. Cosplay encouraged.
    • Some player categories have special armor or abilities. Read the player’s pack!
  • Semi-Auto weapons only. No SAWs or Support weapons which cannot be set to semi-auto
  • Be sure to bring dead rags and at least two Ace bandages/milsim tourniquets. 
  • Radios encouraged!

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