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Aftermath: Operation Iskra
January 30, 2021
Wayne’s World of Paintball
Ocala, FL
$35 online pre-registration / $40 onsite registration

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Online Waiver (valid through March 1, 2021)

The Aftermath series is intended to be a grittier approach to post-apocalyptic airsoft gaming, using a near future milsim dynamic and theme. Operation Iskra is set in the ruins of Eastern Europe after the Twilight War. This devastating world war shattered national governments and saw the deaths of countless millions in nuclear fire, chemical toxins, hunger and disease. Some military units remain operational in the ruins, although they rarely have a chain of command or even a functional government to direct them. Ruthless gangs have moved quickly to fill the lawless power vacuums and rule local fiefdoms of terrified and desperate survivors. A few countries were relatively unscathed in the conflict or suffered minimal damage and are on the road to recovery. But collapsed power grids, satellite and communication network, and savage factional violence in the ravaged lands prevent easy aid or relief efforts.

Cost for advance, online registration is $35. Onsite registration is $40. Take advantage of advance registration. It saves you money and makes the organizers’ job easier! Please pay attention to mask requirements, uniform guidelines, weapon and ammo rules! Players should be 16 years of age or older by January 30, 2021 unless cleared in advance.

Key Game Details (see the Players Pack for full details)

  • Masks and attention to social distancing remain a requirement for this event
  • Full seal, approved eye-protection required
  • “Milsim” rules in effect
    • Mid-cap magazines and semi-automatic fire for riflemen
    • High-caps, box mags, full auto fire only for support weapons
  • Radios strongly encouraged
  • Medic rules in play. All players should bring two (2) ACE bandages or milsim tourniquets
  • Players bring your own biodegradable ammunition, however there are “maximum load out” rules