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April 24, 2021
Wayne’s World of Paintball
$30 online pre-registration
$35 onsite registration

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Wasteland Facebook Group

Welcome back to the Wasteland for our spring installment of this long-running, Fallout-inspired airsoft LARP!

The resettlement of Crystal Springs proved to be a short-lived joy for the Florida wastelands. The detonation of the Garden of Eden Creation Kit (GECK) in the contaminated city a year and a half ago rendered it habitable again. However, the GECK’s interaction with Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) remnants created a virulent plague that wreaked havoc with trade and settlement efforts. The doctors of the CDC worked hard to contain the virus and their efforts are slowly making a difference. Bands of highly toxic infected still roam the wastes, but the Plague Doctor General speculates that the virus may no longer be a significant threat by the fall.

Critical to the eradication of the plague, is a Super-mutant child caught in the radius of the GECK. It somehow survived the effects of the device, and scientists speculate its altered genetic code offers the key to defeating the virus. The child was last seen in the possession of the Mercenary Guild, but the Guild itself is in turmoil.

The old Matriarch of the Guild disappeared while searching for the Child. Her absence, and the Guild being driven from Fort Destiny by an alliance of wastelanders has triggered a struggle for power within the mercenary company and it appears to be currently scattered and seeking to re-establish its identity.

Key Game Details (see the Players Pack for full details)

  • Masks and attention to social distancing remain a requirement for this event
  • Full seal, approved eye-protection required
  • “Wasteland” rules in effect
    • Airsoft LARP experience
    • Dress the part! Post-Apocalyptic event
    • Ammo restrictions – Ammo provided at the event
    • Players start out semi-auto fire only – full auto “upgrades” in game
  • Radios strongly encouraged
  • All players should bring two (2) ACE bandages or “milsim tourniquets”

Zion’s Gate
June 5, 2021
Wayne’s World of Paintball
Zion’s Gate Facebook Group

Get ready for an immersive, airsoft experience inspired by the video game Far Cry 5. A charismatic cult leader and his siblings establish themselves in a rural Florida county. Soon the growing shadow of zealotry looms over the citizens as the megalomanic Father extends his control across the county and communication with the outside world goes black. Already under long term surveillance by the ATF, FBI and DEA, a federal task force, reinforced with neighboring county Sheriff’s Departments prepares to go in and take down the cult. More details coming soon! Sign up on our event Facebook page!