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King & Country
May 14, 2022
Wayne’s World of Paintball, Ocala, FL
$35 Advance Registration / $40 onsite

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Welcome to King & Country, a unique Florida milsim experience set in an alternate history in which the New World colonies never achieved independence from Europe. It is the early 21st century, and the militaries of the British Empire, and the Kingdoms of Spain and France still fight for control of the colonies, and to preserve the steady flow of trade and riches from the New World.

If the setting is well received, we hope this may be the first of a new series of alternate history milism events exploring a unique take of the history of Florida and the Caribbean.

For centuries, the colonies of the New World have been cornerstones to the great empires of Europe. They are a source of mineral wealth and abundant agriculture to ship back across the Atlantic. Fine universities have been established in the colonies, providing a strong base of science and technology. Skilled craftsman design wonders of artistry, while the factories of the Americas drive industry and critical goods back to Europe. The power and prestige of the European courts are heavily reliant upon their colonies.

The colonies of the New World are dominated by Spain in the south and far west, England to the north, and France even further to the north and into the central continent. The Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico have remained a contested region for centuries. While Spain controls the gulf and maintains the largest number of Caribbean colonies, the English and French maintain a sizable presence across the islands. Even the Netherlands and Portugal hold a limited colonial presence, although they largely try to stay out of the sporadic conflicts in the region and focus on trade. In addition to the warring colonial powers, piracy threatens the shipping lanes and coastal ports. Deserters, criminals, or those unwilling to earn an honest wage under the crown have been known to join these ruthless crews marauding the Caribbean aboard captured military vessels or armed cargo ships.

The Spanish colony of San Marcos occupies a strategic location in the eastern Caribbean. Considered one of the “gateway” islands, it is a popular port for refueling and resupplying vessels preparing for the Atlantic crossing. It is part of a communications relay chain in the region, facilitating broadcasts between colonies and to ships at sea. It is currently ruled by Don Monzon, Governor of San Marcos and Viceroy of Navarra. Bolstered by his private guard and a regiment of infantry from Navarra, he protects the port, communications post, and key overland routes for trade, taxes, and riches minded from the San Marcos highlands. Don Monzon has occupied his post in San Marcos for three years of relative calm. But that is about to change with the landing of Royal Marines on the northside of the island.

Key Game Details (see the Player’s Pack for full details)

  • Milsim event.
    • Specific uniform requirements. Each faction has a specific set of colors/patterns.
    • Full auto fire limited to SAWs / LMGs only! Assault rifles and SMGs are semi-auto only.
    • Please sign up early to allow for advance squad assignments!
    • All players should bring at least two Ace bandages or milsim tourniquets.
    • Radios strongly encouraged. See Players Pack for frequency assignments.
    • Full seal, approved eye-protection required.

Upcoming Events!

November 18, 2022 – Wasteland 14
Join us again in the Central Florida Wasteland!