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Wasteland 13
November 20 2021
Wayne’s World of Paintball
$40 online pre-registration / $45 walk-on registration

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Wasteland 13 continues MGP’s Wasteland event series in this alternate reality event inspired by the FallOut computer games. Our game continues in the central Florida Wasteland of 2291.

While the Wasteland virus has not been eradicated, it has become less of an issue with the hard work of the CDC in developing a proto vaccine. There has also been the popular, if unproven treatments using two-hundred-year-old Salisbury steak or injecting a solution of diluted Abraxo.

The Super-Mutant Child, caught in the effect radius of the GECK two years ago, remains at large. The CDC and the Enclave were convinced its altered DNA might contain a key to a final eradication of the virus, but the trail seems to have gone cold and no one know if the Child is still alive.

The hard-working efforts of the Sunshine Band have helped to re-establish regular trade routes through the Florida Wastes. While some wastelanders still live in Soggy Bottom, Dogtown has been developing as a promising new settlement, thanks to its position astride one of the major routes.

The future of the Guild remains in question after the disappearance of the old Matriarch, and rumors of division within its ranks. Some are saying that a new Matriarch has been appointed, but she may face internal challenges to her authority by those remaining loyal to the missing one.

A new and larger NCR expeditionary force has been sighted in the Central Florida Wastes. They have been making inquiries as to the fate of the small NCR unit that appeared years ago and briefly allied themselves with the Red Duke. Is it pure coincidence that a small remnant of Caesars Legion has found their way into the Florida wastes? As if the fates of these two organizations remain inextricably entwined.

A potential threat of particular concern is building from the north. Survivors have been fleeing to the south, bringing reports of a large and particularly savage group of raiders moving relentlessly against settlements. It shall be seen how the denizens of central Florida fare against the new peril of the Northmen.

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Key Game Details (see the Players Pack for full details)

  • Full seal, approved eye-protection required
  • Special event rules in effect
    • Dress the part! The is a post-apocalyptic event… not Milsim. 
    • Heavy role-play elements. Please check out the Players Pack for game rules and guidelines!
  • Radios strongly encouraged
  • All players should bring ACE bandages or “milsim tourniquets” as part of personal “first aid kits”

Return to Zion
January 8, 2022
Wayne’s World of Paintball
$35 online pre-registration / $40 walk-on registration
Zion’s Gate Facebook Group

We return to Forest County in January to conclude the saga of Zion’s Gate. We’re building upon the original storyline and where we left off in June, to continue the Zion’s Gate story, months later.

For years, a charismatic, apocalyptic cult leader has built up an armed conclave within a rural Florida county. After reports of missing persons, drug and weapon violations grew too large to ignore, a large inter-agency law enforcement task force struck deep into Forest County to arrest Jeremiah Ark and the members of his family behind the Zion’s Gate cult. The cult was far better-armed and more determined than anticipated. The operation turned the county into a warzone, and the law enforcement task force withdrew, leaving the cult bloodied but intact. The incident made national news and a media circus descended on central Florida. Trying to contain the situation as best they could, the Florida and Federal government set up check-points around Forest county, activating National Guard units to control access into the region.

The siege has dragged on for months, with tension and pressure continuing to build. The Ark family repaired their damaged communications facilities and regularly broadcast from the depths of Forest County.  These videos are picked up and amplified by the news and social media outlets. Although Jeremiah Ark and the Project at Zion’s Gate had been largely unknown outside central Florida, he has now become a sensation among religious extremists, sovereign citizens, and some militia movements for his message of forthcoming judgement… and his armed resistance to the government. Funds flowed into the Cult’s accounts from outside donors until the accounts were frozen. Despite the checkpoints, reinforcements sympathetic to the Father’s message, or just itching to stoke an armed conflict, have made their way into Forest County, bringing additional weapons, and supplies. Few of the new recruits arrived with personal loyalty to the Father, but repeated indoctrination and the mind-numbing drug called “The Bliss” have been converting them into fanatic followers of the Arks.

Amidst public scrutiny over the failed summer operation, a fiercely divisive social-media culture war, and the very real and dangerous situation of an armed insurrection taking control of a Florida county, the government has been moving at a snail’s pace. But drone and satellite imagery continue to show scenes of torture, and brutal public executions within Forest County as the Father weeds out the unfaithful and “culls the herd”. The Father’s broadcasts and message have become darker and more threatening, and it seems there is no good solution to the siege situation. Jeremiah Ark says Armageddon has arrived… and he may not be far off…


February 19, 2022 – Aftermath 2
Our milsim post-apocalyptic series… setting TBA.
April 2, 2022 – Wasteland 13.5
Because we determined one trip to the Wasteland each year wasn’t enough.
May 14, 2022 – King and Country
A milsim event set in an alternate history setting of European monarchies and colonialism in the modern “New World”.