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June 22, 2019
Waynes World of Paintball
Ocala, FL
$30 Advance Registration
$35 onsite


Players Pack

Wasteland 10.5 continues MGP’s Wasteland event series in this alternate reality event inspired by the FallOut computer games. The FallOut world is an alternate reality that diverged from ours at some point after World War II. Technology took a track which developed the “World of Tomorrow” as imagined in the Golden Age of Science Fiction. Before the Great War of 2077, the FallOut world was similar to what the people of the 1940s thought things would be like in the late 21st Century- with domestic robots, atom-powered cars and other wonders of Atomic Age technology. Our game continues in the central Florida Wasteland of 2289.

Last fall saw a climax in the growing conflict between the Red Duke and those who opposed his rule over Crystal Springs. While he initially brought a renewed level of peace and stability to the central Florida Wastes, the Duke had become increasingly despotic. He established a tentative partnership with delegates from the New California Republic to have sole authority over Central Florida trade with the NCR, and used his mercenary army to continue tightening his control over Crystal Springs and surrounding settlements.

Finally the Duke’s luck ran out when a member of the Guild left with a significant portion of the caps set aside to pay the mercenary company, and the remaining mercs demanded payment the Duke could no longer provide. The Guild led a coup against the Duke, supported but other wastelanders who had enough of his rule. The Red Duke was overthrown and imprisoned by the Guild, leaving a power vacuum in Crystal Springs. No single faction seemed to have the strength to control the city and maintain the peace between the different individuals and groups which had settled there under the Duke’s rule.

In the intervening months, most of the merchants and settlers formerly in Crystal Springs have fled north as gangs fight turf wars over the city. Without the prospect of a high-paying employer, many members of the Guild have travelled to fight in a campaign to the south, although several remain in Central Florida to support smaller contracts and guard the Red Duke.

The absence of an authority in the wasteland has created a precarious state. No one has arisen to bring together wastelanders or unite the raider gangs to establish a new governance. There is no law and violence is rampant. Raiders murder with impunity. The Cult of Cthulhu has declared the End Times are here and many wayward travelers have bled out their lives on the cult’s altar. Some wastelanders have asked for the NCR to establish order, others have sent messengers to the last known operating bases of the Brotherhood of Steel. Members of the Enclave Headhunters Division may still be operating after the collapse of Crystal Spring. Amidst the chaos… some wastelanders have even grumbled how their lives were better under the Duke, but their requests for the Guild to free him fall on deaf ears.

The field is open for a new power to arise in the Central Florida Wastes…

Cost for advance, online registration is $30. Onsite registration is $35. Take advantage of advance registration. It saves you money and makes the organizers’ job easier! Please pay attention to uniform guidelines, weapon and ammo rules! Players should be 16 years of age or older by June 22, 2019 unless cleared in advance.

It’s also time to fill out new waivers! Help us with our effort to establish an online waiver library and complete all three today if you have not already! These will be valid for MGP events at Waynes World of Paintball through March 1, 2020! All three must be completed and confirmed via email. It’ll just take a few minutes and you’ll be good for the year!

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Upcoming Dates!

November 16, 2019 – Wasteland 11