About Us

MindGame Productions is the longest running airsoft-events company on the east coast. Incorporated in early 2005, MGP is based in Florida with team members spread through Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas. Company events have been focused in Florida, but MGP has also run events in Georgia, Ohio and Indiana and is always looking for opportunities to develop new events both inside and outside of Florida.

Events run the gamut from intense, military simulation events to immersive and stimulating games drawing from science fiction and alternate history themes. MGP hosts events at military and law-enforcement training facilities, scenario paintball fields, empty warehouse and office buildings and other locations that present themselves to us and offer an exciting location for players. We have also provided consultation and actors for several independent film projects, models and demonstrators for defense industry promotional films, photo-shoots and trade-shows.

The staff brings a range of experience and skills to help develop the player experience and keep our events enjoyable. We encourage player feedback and suggestions and many successful event concepts have been developed as a result of direct player input to the staff. Regretfully for our younger players, MGP events are limited to participants 16 years of age and above.

We hope you’ll take the time to sign up in our forums, get to meet members of our airsoft community and join us at one of our upcoming events. Many questions you may have could be answered in the website FAQ or MGP event rules. Be sure to download and review the PDF player packs designed for each major event as these contain a wealth of information for participants.


Staff Biographies

Robert “Mac” McLaughlin
President and CEO
General Management, Business and Event Development

Raised in an Army family, Robert “Mac” McLaughlin traveled extensively and grew up exposed to the military culture.  He attended Airborne School and Air Assault School while a ROTC cadet at Furman University.  He was commissioned as a Lieutenant in Military Intelligence and assigned to the Berlin Brigade. He spent time as G2 Intelligence Production Section Chief, S2 of 6-502d Infantry and completed his active duty service as Commander of the Special Security Detachment, Berlin.  Mac remained in Berlin after the last Allied forces withdrew, working as a free-lance writer and a security consultant for Pinkerton and CM Sicherheitsdienst. He returned to the US in late 1997, spending the next twelve years in resort and private club management and sales.  Mac developed an interest in airsoft-based military simulations, co-developing MindGame Productions as the longest-running airsoft events company on the east coast. He has been working the past five years in military and federal training support.


Brian Gilbert

Brian Gilbert, or Merlin, is the MGP videographer and very involved in MGP planning and operations. A former Paramedic with Flagler County Fire and Rescue, serving on the Technical Rescue Team and Marine Rescue Team, he is now an agent with US Customs and Border Patrol. A member of the DropKick mercenaries team, Merlin is active in the milsim community through Merlin’s BlogSpot and as a staff writer for Tactical Milsim Magazine , he brings a great deal to the MGP team.


Dave Kreiseder
Dave grew up in Northern Illinois where he lived until he enlisted in the Marines in 1991 as a Field Wireman. During that time he had a become addicted to paintball. Then in 2002 he moved to FL more or less shelving his gear at that point. Then in 2005 he was introduced to the concept of airsoft by a friend of his. At that point there was a game that was happening in Orlando by an event coordinator known as Mind-Game Productions. At that point it pretty much became a full blown obsession. Dave enjoys trying to bring fresh ideas to the game and watching them skyrocket from there.


Jake “Oddball” Walker

Jake is a Florida native from the Jacksonville area. He is a veteran of the US Marines, with an infantry and security background. He started playing airsoft in 2007 with his first MGP game being Dogs of War. He has supported MGP events in Florida, Georgia, Ohio and Indiana with a focus on field operations support and prop building.


Matt Martin

One of the few MGP staff members without a military or law enforcement background, Matthew became an active airsofter in late 2011, originally and still portraying NPC roles during scenario games.  Areas of expertise include acting, NPC logistics, and scenario design.  B.Sc. Information Technology, University of Central Florida.


 Stefan Rice

Stefan has many years experience working in private security, has done fugitive recovery, and was a defensive tactics instructor. He co-owns and operates DarkThreads.com, a retailer specializing in military, tactical, and survival gear. He is a member of several airsoft teams.

Robert Snarke

Bringing real world experience from the US Army, government and private contractors, Robert has been playing airsoft for about 10 years .  He is team leader for the south Florida-based team V3 and has been involved with MGP for nearly seven years.  He is one of the original founders of the United Airsoft League, an organization dedicated to elevating the level of tactical training, individual and team-based skills within the sport.

Col. Oliver Cass, USA

Colonel Oliver Cass graduated from Valley Forge Military Junior College and joined the Army as a Second Lieutenant of Infantry in the Pennsylvania National Guard in 1983. He graduated from American University, Washington, D.C. in December 1984. COL Cass entered Active duty in July 1985 as an artillery officer until 1998 before going to the Military Intelligence Advanced Course. COL Cass was assigned to the 902d MI Group, as a Counterintelligence Officer. He served on several assignments as a Counterintelligence Officer, 902d MI Group, 66th MI Group, and Operation Provide Promise, Forward, Zagreb, Croatia. COL Cass was assigned as the Assistant Army Attache, Lagos, Nigeria and as a Staff Officer in Tokyo, Japan. He deployed twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. COL Cass was also assigned as the Deputy Director, Army HUMINT Operations Center, Army G2X, Fort Belvoir, VA. COL Cass assumed command of Army Operations Group in Ft. Meade, Maryland, in June 2010.

COL Cass’ awards and decorations include the Bronze Star ( Three Awards), the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement, the Meritorious Service Medal, and the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Parachutist and Air Assault Badges.

COL Cass is married and he and his wife, Susan, have two children – a son (Brendan) and a daughter, (Elisabeth).

Megan “MIRV” Irvine

Megan co-owns and operates DarkThreads.com with Stefan Rice, and is also an avid airsofter. She works for a large IT firm as a software engineer, and dabbles in social media marketing.