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While MindGame Productions was created as a military simulation and specialty themed events company, over the years we’ve provided a range of additional support to other clients and partners. Role-players to support military and first responder training, extras and tactical/military consulting for film productions, models/demonstration personnel for defense industry products and services, training support for self-defense and community defense organizations. Through this, MindGame Productions has established accounts with some excellent providers of real-world tactical and self-protection solutions.

MGP will be maintaining a very limited inventory of some products, to bring to select events and activities. We also have the capability to order and drop-ship from manufacturing partners direct to your home or office. For more information on products and pricing, contact Mac at

AR500 Armor Stress Test

AR500 Armor is a provider of ballistic armor and tactical gear for the professional and prepared citizen. With products ranging from NIJ Level IIIa soft panels, Level III and III+ steel core plates, and Level IV ceramic/polyethylene plates,  AR500 products offer an exceptional combination of protection and price value. From their manufacturing facility in Phoenix, AZ, AR500 applies industry-leading spall and fragmentation-mitigation coatings to increase what is possible with ballistic steel. Their Level IV composite products offer top-of-the-line ballistic protection, while their new Level III UHMWPE plates provide one the lightest-weight ballistic plates currently on the market. Other AR500 products include tactical and concealable plate carriers, pouches, individual first-aid kits (IFAKs), IFAK refills and more.


Condor Gear

Condor is a provider of a wide range of tactical gear. Plate carriers, vests, pouches, belts, slings, bags, pants, shirts, jackets, hats, and more. Condor products are rugged, reliable, and affordable. The “AK-47” of tactical gear. MGP’s affiliation with Condor offers an exceptional option for teams, production companies, and security/defense companies and organizations looking to purchase large quantities of tactical gear to support your specific uniform and usage requirements. In tandem with our Ar500 partnership, MGP is positioned to offer packages of armor and gear, with personal consultation and recommendations to find the set-up that best suits your needs. Our intent is to provide Condor gear as a service scaled for larger orders for teams, production companies, security and self/community-defense organizations, although it may also be appropriate for some personal orders.

Backpack to Bulletproof
Tactical Ones Series
Civilian Ones Series

In 2017 alone there have been 12,316 gun related deaths. Leatherback Gear is the world’s ONLY bulletproof backpack that converts into a protective vest in less than 5 seconds, offering immediate and complete protection in any situation. The NIJ Level IIIa rating of the armor will stop up to a .44 magnum round. However, the user can customize their level of ballistic stopping power by adding contents to their backpacks: e.g., laptop, tablets, textbooks/books, etc. Gun violence and public shootings are terrifying ordeals we hope you never have to experience first-hand. However, when the situation arises, protect your loved ones and provide them with the options to live another day.