Flame of the Rebellion II: Wrath of the Empire
January 27, 2024
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Eight months ago, a raiding party of Mandolorians landed on Drakys Prime. Their target was an Imperial Beskar mining operation, set up to exploit a deposit of the rare metal for the Imperial war machine. A small rebel resistance movement tried to take advantage of the chaos and make their move against the Empire in the Drakys system. Imperial troops responded with brutal efficiency, aided by a team of Inquisitors. The Mandos were forced to retreat before achieving all their goals, although they did seize a sizable number of Beskar ingots. The resistance uprising was ruthlessly put down and the Empire resumed control of Drakys Prime.

The Mandos fell back to their Covert, hidden on the forest world of Yetooine. Yetooine was an independent world, remote and of little strategic value to attract the attention of the Empire. It was an ideal location for the Covert, and the main Starport had been a hub of the Black Sun crime syndicate long before the Mandolorians arrived. Months passed. The Mandos nursed their wounds and put the captured Beskar to good use in their forge. There were rumors of a resistance outpost on Yetooine, operating a sizable subspace communications station sharing intelligence reports between Rebel bases.

Retribution for the raid on Drakys Prime was slow in coming… but the Empire had not forgotten the Mandolorians’ insolence. The Empire had tracked the escaping Mandos to this region of the galaxy and had been sending probes and spies to dozens or worlds in their hunt for the Covert. Finally, between a few grainy images of Mandolorian ships in the vicinity of Yetooine, and few careless comments overheard amongst a group of smugglers, the Empire had found its quarry.

This morning, the skies over Umbarra Star Port were darkened by the mass of an Imperial star cruiser. A swarm of troopships descended to the surface amidst explosions and the sound of blasters from the south-western party of the city. Three Mandalorian ships rising quickly from the forest north of Umbarra were vaporized by the Imperial fighters, hinting at the general location of the Covert and clearly showing the trap had been closed on the Mandos. Amidst the smoke, the dark shadows of Inquisitors were seen among the advancing invasion force, employing their dark Sith arts to seek out members of the resistance.

Welcome to Flames of the Rebellion Episode II: Wrath of the Empire!

  • Flames of the Rebellion II
     January 27, 2024
     8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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4841 South Pine Avenue, Ocala, Florida, 34480, United States


Wayne’s World of Paintball is an exceptional scenario paintball field in Central Florida and a regular host of MGP events for over 16 years. Remember that magazines must be removed from weapons except for on the field and the designated chrono area. Approved eye-protection must be worn on the field at all times.

Camping IS available near the parking areas. Be sure to contact the field in advance if you plan to arrive after about 5pm or the gates will be locked.

Air tank refills for HPA weapons ARE available in the pro-shop, which typically opens at 9am. If you require air to chrono or if the game has an early start option, you may want to get your tanks filled prior to game day.