Pre-Orders for Wasteland

(purple smoke grenade)

Some gangs cook up a powerful, and occasionally lethal hybrid of Psycho and Jet as an extreme combat drug, which renders the user invulnerable to pain and shoots their adrenaline and aggression through the roof. For a brief period of time, they can legally ignore BB hits and absorb a tremendous amount of damage for an insane, psycho-jet-fueled rampage. When the drug wears off… the damage catches up with the player and they succumb to their injuries and must drop. A purple smoke grenade will be used to represent to use of psycho-jet and time its duration. The player will need to bring their own psycho-jet purple smoke or buy them from merchants. Pop the smoke, carry it with you while you run on your rampage, but when the smoke stops, you drop from your injuries.

A token will be given at onsite check-in for each dose of PsychoJet pre-ordered… which you will exchange on field with the Tunnel Snakes, our chem dealers.

  • PsychoJet Pre-Order
     April 12, 2023
     8:00 am - 5:00 pm
We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.