King & Country 2
March 16, 2024
Wayne’s World of Paintball
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Welcome to King & Country, a unique Florida milsim experience set in an alternate history in which the New World colonies never achieved independence from Europe. It is the early 21st century. The militaries of the British Empire, and the Kingdoms of Spain and France still fight for control of the colonies, and to preserve the steady flow of trade and riches from the New World.

Welcome to Saint Anne

The small British colony of Saint Anne had never been the most strategically important colony in the Commonwealth. On the north-eastern rim of the Caribbean, among the many Bahamian islands, it is a popular port for refueling and resupplying vessels preparing to travel up the coast to the Carolinas or Virginia. Formerly a Spanish Colony by the name of Santo Toribio, famous for a noted collection of relics, it was captured by the United Kingdom in the 1950s.

The Royal Engineer Corps began a large-scale construction project on the north side of the island six months ago. Ostensibly a communications facility, the site is heavily guarded by contractors of the British East India Company PMC, and the Royal Marine forces stationed on the island have been augmented by several companies of the King’s Light Rifles.

Spanish intelligence analysis of the site has convinced Madrid that the British are building a storage and launching facility for the new Yeoman 6 intermediate-range ballistic missile. Capable of carrying conventional or low-yield nuclear weapons and ranging any Spanish colony in the New World, such a facility would mark a significant escalation of force and indicates a clear intent of the United Kingdom to withdraw from the Barcelona Arms Reduction Treaty (BART) of 1986.

Spain has assembled a sizable strike force with the mission of landing on St. Anne’s, destroy the unfinished missile launch facility, damage British infrastructure on the island, and leave the British bloodied and humiliated. Due to the Spanish monarchy’s special relationship with the Vatican, intelligence has been shared leading up to this action, and the Vatican has chosen to support the Spanish military action with a company of the New Templars and a detachment of the Swiss Guard. In addition to protecting Spain as the pre-eminent Catholic power of the New World, the Vatican has expressed interest in recovering the lost relics of the Santo Toribio monastery from the hands of apostates.

Key Event Details

  • MilSim Event
  • Specific Uniform Colors/Patterns for different teams. Consult Players’ Pack for details and plan accordingly with your friends.
  • MilSim weapon rules. Full auto and box/hi-cap mags for Support Weapons only! Mid or Low-Cap mags and semi-auto only for Assault Rifles, DMRs. Sniper, SMGs, Sidearms.
  • Radios strongly encouraged. Consult Player’s Pack for frequencies.
  • All players should have at least two Ace bandages or milsim tourniquets as an “IFAK”.
  • All players should have a red dead-rag to display when they are hit.


  • King & Country 2
     March 16, 2024
     8:00 am - 5:30 pm
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$35.00 USD  
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Venue Phone: (352) 401-1801

Venue Website:

4841 South Pine Avenue, Ocala, Florida, 34480, United States


Wayne’s World of Paintball is an exceptional scenario paintball field in Central Florida and a regular host of MGP events for over 16 years. Remember that magazines must be removed from weapons except for on the field and the designated chrono area. Approved eye-protection must be worn on the field at all times.

Camping IS available near the parking areas. Be sure to contact the field in advance if you plan to arrive after about 5pm or the gates will be locked.

Air tank refills for HPA weapons ARE available in the pro-shop, which typically opens at 9am. If you require air to chrono or if the game has an early start option, you may want to get your tanks filled prior to game day.